Al-Azmeyah Trading Corp.

Al-Azmeyah is one of the Saudi Arabia establishments that specializes in the importing and marketing of sanitary-ware and plumbing materials, and in both the retail and wholesale markets; its first retail branch was in located on Al-Dhahran Street in the City of Riyadh, and it continued to operate in this branch until it moved to the main Wholesale Market, which is located on Al-Madinah Al-Monourah Road in the City of Riyadh.

Al-Azmeyah is considered one of the first Saudi businesses that imported and marketed, both in the wholesale and retail markets, the Italian water faucets in the Kingdom, and among the most prominent Italian trademarks of waters faucets, that were marketed by Al-Azmeyah, were TEOREMA, EURORAMA, and DUEGI faucets, which were marketed in different designs and finishing to meet different needs of our valued partners.

Al-Azmeyah strives, on a continuous basis, to offer a wide variety of different products with innovative designs, real and various guarantees, and competitive prices to meet the needs and desires of our of the various segments of our respected partners. Therefore, Al-Azmeyah marketing strategy is based on providing products with real value in terms of the quality of the offered product, its price, its guarantee and its life-expectancy. For these reasons, Al-Azmeyah is committed to making its products with high quality, compliance with international standards of similar products, and with prices much less than their European and American counterparts.